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Spiritual Care

Cielo Sober Living’s philosophy believes that a strong spiritual connection will improve a person’s well-being and recovery.  Spiritual Care at Cielo Sober Living includes a wide variety of elements allowing an individual in recovery to explore and connect with what works for them spiritually.  The spiritual path is unique for each person and is held with the utmost respect at Cielo.

Guided Morning Meditation

Meditation is one of the core spiritual care elements at Cielo.  Every morning the clients are verbally guided through meditation encouraging the listener to relax their mind and body.  Learn More

Crystal Bowl Meditation

The Crystal Bowl Meditation creates tones that you hear but that also affect your energy centers otherwise known as chakras in a positive way.  Learn More

Sunday Sound Bath

The sound bath is most commonly produced by the use of quartz singing crystal bowls and drums, but other instruments are also used as desired.   Learn More

Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing is energy work that is done by the healer over the body and can emphasize on specific parts of the body that needs more focus.  The healing can bring balance of the energy centers, known as the chakras.   

Breath Work with Shaman

The Shaman uses belly breathing techniques and aroma therapies to help an individual gain control of their deep inner breathing.  With proper training the techniques can be used to decreases stress and anxiety in daily life and also help reach a deeper state of meditation.  

Power of Intention

Learning to develop and verbalize intentions is used to empower the individual to build pathways and open up more opportunities.  Power of Intention work can be practiced in a group or individual setting.  

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