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Cielo Sober Living Reviews

Warm, Comfortable & Safe


I was at Cielo Sober Living for a little over 3 months and I would recommend this facility to any woman looking for a sober living facility that truly supports an alcohol/drug free lifestyle and is interested in real recovery. Michele Garcia is the owner of Cielo Sober Living for Women as well as Cielo Spiritual Retreat and she offers such a warm, comforting and safe environment that you immediately feel safe and welcome. I always felt like she had my best interest at heart and provided me with all the tools necessary to deal with my issues of addiction and co-dependence. The facility is on 5 beautiful acres in Sky Valley and is the perfect surrounding for anyone needing to get focused, spiritually aligned and understand what our purpose is in this lifetime. Michele is wonderful and has such a loving, caring and sensitive spirit that you can't help but love her and relate to her guidance and wisdom. She leads a guided meditation every morning that is so cleansing and helpful to starting the day with your spirit and mind in alignment with whatever your journey may be for the day. The facility is beautiful and has everything anyone could ask for in terms of a recovery/sober living facility. The environment couldn't be more inviting, peaceful and serene. It has a very calming and relaxing effect on your mind and your body which I feel is so essential to an addict in recovery . In terms of a sober living house you could not ask for anything more structured and focused on your recovery. I am so thankful for Cielo Sober Living for Women and Michele for giving me the tools to face life on life's terms and not be afraid of the future. I truly would not be as strong into my recovery if it were not for you and Cielo Sober Living for Women. Thank you Michele for all you did for me and all the other young women who have come through your house and because of your love and care are now the empowered women we are meant to be.

-Pamela C.

Stength & Hope


I loved my stay at Cielo and will forever cherish my spiritual experience there. As a transgender woman of color I didn't feel inadequate nor ostracized. Michele welcomed me in her home with willingness of guiding me in recovery sharing with me her experience, strength, and hope to restore spirituality in my life. I enjoyed her teachings and professionalism and interacting with me on a personal level! Not only does she lives the program she has devoted her life with helping women who want to help themselves one day at a time! I love her what this program stands for and I think that anyone seeking a true one of a kind experience then this is the place to recover! I am a little over six months and I couldn't have done it in a better environment!!!

-Natilee M.


Above & Beyond


Michele Garcia has helped so many people and has personally throughout my recovery been there for me through thick an thin. She has dedicated her whole life to recovery. She defines the word SELFLESS. She is more willing than anyone I know. She goes above and beyond the call of duty. She is a Shining example of what a Woman in Recovery is supposed to be. If you want to to travel on a Journey of a True Healing Path you should Contact Michele Garcia without a Doubt. She will Open the Chanel of Love in your Life and you will have a Life Changing Experience!

-Tara G.


Spacious Home & Therapeutic Attitude


Michele Garcia is a wonderful mentor and works on a personal level to help everyone and all of their needs. She hosts lovely banquets and has a very positive and therapeutic attitude. This is a beautiful and spacious home. Pet friendly, warm, loving, and respectful.

-Kimberly K.




One of the most inspiring things you'll ever see is when someone overcomes a personal destructive addiction and then rebuilds their lives in ways that end up helping others to overcome those very same destructive addictions. And that's precisely what Michele has done. It was exactly one year ago today that I first met Michele, riding out from Los Angeles to Palm Springs for a documentary that we were working on at the time. Eventually arrived at Michele's dream out in the beauty of Sky Valley, California ... Cielo Sober Living for Women, her beautiful facility sitting on 5 acres surrounded by beautiful mountain views and the serene quiet of the desert.


After interviewing her, I learned more about her own personal struggles through addiction, and how she worked to overcome that and work to provide a sober living facility for women that "celebrated" their recovery, working to not only maintain their sobriety, but to participate together in spiritual recovery and to truly celebrate the strength of taking one's life back. I can't quite express the kind of peace and serenity one gets from not only being at that facility, but from talking to Michele, and seeing how she lives her dream, and just how many women she is helping along the way. Michele's passion and commitment to recovery and the treatment field is clear: "I discovered that all things are possible with my higher power. My recovery comes first today".


A year later, I continue to remain inspired by all she's doing to not only help other women struggling with addiction, but to also connect people to a much more deeper sense of self and happiness. One thing's for certain ... the world needs a whole lot more of the deep hearts and commitment that Michele has.

-Jason O..


Magical Place


I came to Cielo Sober Living after leaving treatment in Florida. I had no idea what to expect, but I wanted to go to a serene place in a safe area and begin to figure out how to live again. I didn't realize the importance of sober living after treatment. Early recovery is rocky. Transition to the real world had be gradual for me, and I am grateful I settled in the desert at Cielo. Michele Garcia is a warm, welcoming woman who helps her residents ease back into life. My first night there, I was awestruck by the beautiful desert night sky, the magnificent house, and the animals that reside among the grounds. I felt peaceful. Every morning the residents attended meditation lead by Michele. When the day got started, some residents went to IOP or a job, or worked on themselves. I had rigid, structured time in treatment, and now I had the opportunity to be in charge of my time--very important in recovery process. The desert is a magical place. Animals and plants learn to adapt to living with what appears to be fragile resources and they thrive. Sober living at Cielo for me was metaphorically similar. I wanted to adapt to a new way of thinking and being with new found resources and left the old ones behind--for good.

                                                                                                                                                                                         -Susan G.


New-Age/Spiritual Vibe


If you are looking for a new-age/spiritual vibe, then Cielo Sober Living is for you! I've stayed at many sober livings before and couldn't seem to find my tribe anywhere, and rarely had anything to talk to people about except war stories. At Cielo I was finally able to be around like-minded people who shared my interests of meditation, yoga, crystals, sound healing, etc. Michele knows so much about all of these things I'm interested in and I always was able to vibe with her. At the same time she believes in recovery through 12 step meetings and presented me with many opportunities to get involved and fellowship. I was able to be connected with nature and bond with animals. I joined her on many trips to the healing and amazing mineral bath waters. I received helpful feedback and powerful sound healing. All in all it was a God send that I ended up at Cielo and I would definitely stay there again if I ever needed sober living!!



Nature All Around


My name is Sydney and I moved into Cielo Sober Living about three months ago. My experience has been great. There are many things that are awesome about living at Cielo. When I first decided to move in here, I was living in Palm Desert and I was worried about how it was a little further away than I had wanted. But once I moved in, it was such a peaceful change. To live in a beautiful house with nature all around, along with all the animals Michele has on the property, it was a much needed change from the hustle and bustle of living in the city. I also realized that it's only about a 15 minute drive from Palm Springs and Palm Desert. It's the perfect distance. Not too far from everything you need but just far enough to be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery and nature that comes with life in the desert. I truly enjoy having such a peaceful place to live. Secondly, Michele is incredible. Along with her ability to show people a new side to spirituality, she is a friend and is there for all of her clients just like she has been there for me. She is very hands on and will take the clients on outings and to meetings. She makes it her goal to make sure each client is comfortable and is making progress in their recovery. I have the utmost respect for Michele and what she does here at Cielo. She has helped me tremendously with my spiritual side of my recovery and above all else to me, she has become my friend. An important and influential woman in recovery in my life. I can talk to her about anything and feel very comfortable and safe in the environment she has made for men and women in recovery at Cielo. I couldn't write enough to thank Michele for all she has done for me throughout my time here at Cielo. I would recommend Cielo to anyone who is looking for a peaceful and safe place to continue their recovery along with having a woman who offers tremendous support throughout your journey.


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