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Meditation is one of the core spiritual care elements at Cielo.  Every morning the clients are verbally guided through meditation encouraging the listener to relax their mind and body.  The goal of the meditation is to create a safe environment for clients to explore past memories and replace them with new positive thoughts and imagined events.  Meditation has been shown to create new neural pathways in the brain allowing for new imagined events and thoughts to replace unpleasant past real events.  The daily use of meditation is used as a healing tool at Cielo and each client will learn how to use this in a group as well as individually.


In addition, a Crystal Bowl Meditation is incorporated allowing for heightened relaxation and rejuvenation.  The experience begins with the outer rims of the crystal bowls being softly stroked releasing rich sounds.  The guide will use various techniques to focus on specific meditative goals and to enrich the practice.  


"The purpose of meditation is personal transformation."

-Henepola  Gunaratana

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