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Co-Ed Sober Living

Cielo Sober Living is a co-ed safe haven recovery environment designed to support sobriety and fellowship with a strong emphasis in spiritual development.  The structured environment includes a comprehensive list of elements that promotes daily recovery work and support.  Residents learn various self care techniques to decompress and maintain balance.

Cielo Sober Living Elements


Guided Morning Meditation

12- Step Meeting + Pot Luck Dinner at


• Random U.A. Test for Accountability

• 24 - Hour Care

Private + Shared Rooms on 5 Acres of


• Divine Feminine

• Power of Intention

• Breath Work with Shaman


• Music Circles

• Hiking

Sober Fun

• Healthy Eating + Cooking Classes for

   Higher Vibration Living

• Monthly Spiritual Retreat

Sunday Sound Bath

• Reiki Healing

• Mineral Bath + Pool Outing

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