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Sober Living

Cielo Sober Living offers a continuum of care option for men and women who have completed primary treatment at another facility.  The sober living level of care offers a sober accommodation with support services allowing a person in recovery to acclimate to the normal daily activities including going to work or attending school.


Cielo Sober Living offers private and shared rooms on a beautiful 5 acre property.  Click to View Gallery

Intensive Outpatient Services
Cielo is partnered with Addiction Therapeutic Services (ATS) which is a CARF accredited Intensive Oupatient program.  Learn More About ATS
12-Step Support
Cielo residents attend local 12-step support groups and events  on a daily basis.  The support system creates accountability and a continuum of care. Read More
Sober Fun

In early recovery it is crucial to replace old habits of fun with new extracurricular activities that are healthy and promote natural endorphins.  Read More

24-Hour Care

A house manager is located on the premises 24 hours per day ensuring that residents have access to sober support and safety.

Random UA's

To create another level of accountability, Cielo residents are given random drug and alcohol urinalysis tests.  

Healthy Eating

At Cielo there is a focus on healthy eating to create a higher vibrational living.  In addition, cooking classes are offered to teach residents to make and create healthy food choices.

Music Circles

Music is used in a group setting using drums or other instruments to allow a person to express emotions and utilize the sounds as a release.  Music Circles are therapeutic and fun too!

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