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What Other's Are Saying


"Michele Garcia has helped so many people and has personally throughout my recovery been there for me through thick an thin. She has dedicated her whole life to recovery. She defines the word SELFLESS. She is more willing than anyone I know. She goes above and beyond the call of duty. She is a Shining example of what a Woman in Recovery is supposed to be. If you want to to travel on a Journey of a True Healing Path you should Contact Michele Garcia without a Doubt. She will Open the Chanel of Love in your Life and you will have a Life Changing Experience!" - Tara




"Michele is an amazing interventionist, recovery advocate and awesome sober home maker!! Cielo is a beautiful INCREDIBLE place where women can live safe and recover!!" - Kage




"Michele Garcia is a wonderful mentor and works on a personal level to help everyone and all of their needs. She hosts lovely banquets and has a very positive and therapeutic attitude. This is a beautiful and spacious home. Pet friendly, warm, loving, and respectful." - Kimberly





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